Your First Meeting

What happens at the first meeting?  

When a specialist meets you for the first time they will read the referral letter from your GP and review your medical history. They will talk to you about your asbestos exposure, if you have a history of smoking, and any other previous illnesses you may have had.
This is important in helping the specialist decide what type of further medical investigations to make and the type of treatment for you.

What is as the role of the specialist? 

The role of a specialist is to advise your GP about what your disease process may/may not be and what investigations and treatment may be needed.

Does the specialist oversee my care, such as reviewing tests or organising referral to other treating specialists?   

If the results of the medical investigations carried out by your specialist are normal, then you will be referred back to your GP.

If you require any further treatment or further medical investigations then your specialist will oversee these.

This may include referring you to an oncologist (a doctor who is qualified in the treatment of cancer). In this case, your oncologist will continue to oversee your care.

If your condition is believed to have been caused by asbestos exposure, your specialist may also suggest that you contact an asbestos support group in your state or territory for you to discuss a range of related issues such as support and potential compensation issues.