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2 November 2011: A Hobart infant school has been temporarily closed because of asbestos concerns.
12 November 2011: The Queensland Opposition says it wants clear warning labels put on asbestos products found in schools to improve safety.
15 November 2010: Queensland Premier Anna Bligh says it’s regrettable a school community wasn’t told about an asbestos find but denies there’s been a cover-up.
15 November 2011: Teachers at Atherton State High School, south-west of Cairns, in far north Queensland have given the Education Department one week to respond to their concerns about asbestos removal.
17 November 2011: Asbestos was used in a range of building materials for decades and is still found in many homes, schools and hospitals.
22 November 2010: The President of the P and C at Pleasant Heights Public School in Wollongong has expressed concerns he wasn’t made aware of a WorkCover document detailing asbestos contamination.
23 November 2010: The Queensland Council of Unions (QCU) says the Brisbane City Council’s (BCC) regulations on the disposal of asbestos are causing a health risk.
24 November 2010: Angry teachers potentially exposed to asbestos have voted to strike for 24 hours if the Bligh Government does not commit to protect them from future exposure.
25 November 2010: Students and teachers throughout Victoria have come into contact with asbestos and schools have been cleared due to contamination fears.
26 November 2010: Asbestos dumped on a beach is being removed in a major clean-up operation.