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18 November 2010: The Asbestos Diseases Foundation says a New South Wales far south coast Koori village has played a key role in a vital new report.
22 November 2010: Perth is known as the asbestos capital of the world with almost every home built before 1987 containing asbestos. (audio)
10 February 2011: It is feared do-it-yourself asbestos removal kits funded by the Tasmanian government could lead to a rise in the deadly material being dumped illegally
23 February 2011: The state Opposition Leader says the Government needs to clarify what steps it is taking to ensure asbestos used in public housing is safe.
18 April 2011: The next wave of asbestos victims will be homeowners doing their own renovations, a support group say.
Learn how to find asbestos in your home. Inspecting for asbestos can limit asbestos exposure and help you with asbestos abatement. Jamie Dunsing shows Ilyce what to look for in asbestos pipe insulation. Duration 1:24
Listen to the 30-minute radio documentary Living with asbestos: the Third Wave, produced by Mia Lindgren. Broadcast on ABC Radio National’s Street stories program 21 October 2007.
5 September, 2011: A study published in the Medical Journal of Australia todays says the increase in the number of malignant mesothelioma cases in Western Australia over the past decade is the result of home renovation and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects involving building products containing asbestos
5 September, 2011: When Dorothy Delvental helped her father build their family home in Middle Swan when she was a young girl, she never could have foreseen that it would lead to her being diagnosed with a deadly asbestos-related cancer.
16 September, 2011: All buildings should be cleared of asbestos by 2030 to save future generations.