Removing Asbestos

Australian homeowners can legally remove up to 10 square metres of non-friable asbestos from their property, however national and state and territory laws and regulations do apply.


For example, landfills that accept asbestos will only take the material if it is properly wrapped in plastic and sealed. Utmost care should be taken in removing asbestos from the property and transporting it to the dump.

The picture to the right shows a plastic lined-truck ready to be used to cart away asbestos sheeting from a Fremantle home. Click on it for more information.DIY renovators removing asbestos themselves must take several precautions for their own safety and for others in the vicinity. The principal aim is to prevent the release of any dust particles into the atmosphere. The main advice is:


  1. Have the material tested to confirm the presence of asbestos.
  2. Isolate the area where asbestos removal will be taking place.
  3. Wear protective clothing.
  4. Wear breathing apparatus.
  5. Avoid using power tools unless fitted with dust suppression or dust extraction attachments.
  6. Minimise dust by watering surface areas.
  7. Securely wrap and seal asbestos in plastic.
  8. Clearly label all packages with asbestos warnings.
  9. Do not use ordinary domestic vacuum cleaners to clean the site afterwards. You will need to use specialist cleaners fitted with a HEPA filter or else a wet mop.
  10. Dispose of asbestos in an approved landfill site.