Perth Chest Clinic

The Perth Chest Clinic supports the program by carrying out annual medical testing of participants of the Asbestos Review Program. The information collected forms the basis of research into asbestos-related diseases and the development of treatment, prevention and support programs.

The Clinic has two full-time nursing staff who also provide advice regarding quitting smoking, which is vitally important for people with potential or existing asbestos-related lung diseases.

The annual testing of the 1400 participants currently in the program includes:
•    A lung function assessment for all patients who attend the Clinic.
•    A more comprehensive gas transfer test for those participants who worked in the Wittenoom asbestos mine.
•    Weight and height is measured.
•    An annual digital chest x-ray, reviewed by Professor Musk, is taken and changes are compared with previous years.
•    A blood sample to monitor blood levels for Vitamin A is taken.
•    Participants’ results are referred by the Clinic to the participant’s GP and the participant.
•    Health promotion advice is provided if requested.

The Clinic is open four days a week and sees an average of 8 to 10 participants each day.

Meet Lynne Defrenne, the face of the Perth Chest Clinic.