Asbestoswise is a Melbourne-based information and support group for anyone in the community who has questions about asbestos or asbestos related disease (ARD), sufferers of ARD and sufferers’ loved ones.

The service is the product of a merger between two well-established groups that provided both support groups and information services about asbestos; the Asbestos Information & Support Service Inc. (AISS) and the Asbestos Diseases Society of Victoria Inc. (ADSVIC). (Photo: CEO Wayne Bruton).

Forming during Asbestos Awareness Week 2011, the goal of Asbestoswise is to build strength by combining the AISS and ADSVIC member bases and to pull together into one organisation the best services that each group previously provided.

Asbestoswise provides a free telephone advice service, information on how to identify, handle, remove and dispose of asbestos, support groups for both ARD sufferers and the bereaved, social functions for members, home visits to people diagnosed with ARD, a buddy program for ARD sufferers, a quarterly newsletter and asbestos awareness activities through out the year.

Membership to Asbestoswise is free. To join or to find out more, visit their website: