State Government Agencies


WA Department of Health
Environmental Hazards Unit
Phone: (08) 9388 4999
Email: ehinfo@health.wa.gov.au


Department of Environment and Conservation
Contaminated Sites Hotline: 1300 762 982

Worksafe WA

Phone: 1300 307 877
Email: safety@commerce.wa.gov.au


Advocacy Groups


National Toll Free: 1800 646 690
Phone : (08) 9344 4077 (Perth Callers)


WA Publications


Department of Health

Publications  are listed on the following site:


They include:


Department of Environment and Conservation


Publications include:

Fact Sheet: Asbestos (Disposal of Material Containing Asbestos)

Worksafe WA

Publications include:

Asbestos Management

Motor Industry Guidance note. Asbestos materials in the automotive maintenance and repair industry 2007