Vale Professor Bill Musk

It is with great sorrow that we announce the death of Professor Bill Musk on 3 November 2021. 

An outstanding respiratory physician, Bill was internationally recognized for his research into asbestos related diseases.  In addition to his epidemiological research into the patterns of ARD in the community he was renowned for his work as a medical specialist whose humanity and compassion helped guide his patients through years of living with the painful and often fatal legacy of asbestos exposure.

He was a generous collaborator and it is owing to his farsightedness and original thinking that a unique collaboration between medicine, public health, history, journalism and public relations gave rise to what has become the Australian Asbestos Network. The aim was to increase public awareness of asbestos in all its manifestations in order that the general public be forewarned and therefore forearmed against the ever-present threat posed by asbestos in our modern environment.

He will be much missed, but through the AAN his legacy will endure through its ongoing efforts to spread factual, accurate and responsible information to the Australian community.