Renae Desai lectures in Strategic Communication, Web and Health Communication at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia.

Renae has been responsible for the management of the website including the information architecture, software development, creative design and content management, media and communications planning and overall project management.

Before joining Murdoch in 2008, Renae was a senior communications consultant working with large multinationals, non-profits and government agencies on integrated communications campaigns.

Renae specialises in digital health communication, specifically the development of interactive websites and is currently undertaking a concurrent PhD project which aims to develop a model for online stakeholder engagement in public health, where this website is the primary case study.

Renae is a Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Australia.

Her research interests include issues and crisis management, online communications, new media and public relations strategy, community and stakeholder engagement and practitioner-academic role synergies.

Renae’s email address is