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20 January 2011: … Yep, that one’s asbestos. So the kitchen’s asbestos, bedroom’s asbestos. The study’s asbestos and the dining room is asbestos. (audio and transcript)
20 January 2011: Queensland flood victims may be exposing themselves to unseen dangers like asbestos as they go about cleaning up and repairing their homes
23 January 2011: … the Australian Workers’ Union issued a hazard alert for the thousands of workers who have begun the arduous task of rebuilding our devastated communities after the recent deadly floods.
4 February 2011: Victims of Cyclone Yasi returning to their shattered homes should beware of contact with asbestos, the Asbestos Diseases Foundation (ADFA) of Australia said.
7 February 2011: Many of the houses damaged and destroyed in the Queensland floods contained asbestos which was, up until the mid 80s, a very popular building material in Queensland.
7 February 2011: Authorities are warning people not to dispose of asbestos during north Queensland’s cyclone clean-up.
8 February 2011: Asbestos campaigner Barry Robson says the image of people cleaning up the battered debris of their fibro homes in cyclone-battered far north Queensland “strikes terror” into his heart.
15 February 2011: Cassowary Coast Mayor Bill Shannon says experts are continuing to remove asbestos from cyclone-hit Tully Heads in far north Queensland.
23 February 2011: Property owners on Queensland’s Cassowary Coast, which took the full brunt of Cyclone Yasi, have been told they are responsible for asbestos removal.
9 March 2011: Pieces of asbestos sheeting, a building material now banned, has been found on the streets of Brisbane during the flood clean-up effort. (video)