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22 June, 2012: Asbestos-related deaths in the UK expected to peak around the year 2016. An article by By Dame Helena Shovelton, Chief executive, British Lung Foundation.
12 July, 2012: Concerns for the 7600 kilometre-long Indian coastline with dumped hazardous products posing threats to hundreds of fragile ecosystems.
19 July 2012: The planned reopening of asbestos mine in Canada prompts calls for Gillard government to advise against asbestos exports to India
August 31, 2012: Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois says their government would end the controversial asbestos industry in the province by canceling a $58-million loan to Canada’s last asbestos mine and using the funds to diversify the local economy
Added September 26, 2012: Barbara McQueen, widow of Steve McQueen, speaks out against the production and use of asbestos in a video presented at the 2012 Asbestos Awareness Conference.
November 13, 2011: Asbestos History Repeating. Matt Peacock report on Foreign Correspondent.
5 November, 2012: Exposure to asbestos a concern in the wake of Hurricane Sandy
January 8, 2013: NBC affiliate reports that students as young as 13 from a small religious school in Cleveland, USA were exposed to asbestos when they volunteered to clean up a contaminated site.
5 January 2011: The flood clean-up could pose an asbestos risk to homeowners, the Queensland attorney-general says.
18 January 2011: Queenslanders are being urged to put their health and well-being first as the flood clean-up continues. (video)