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12 November, 2012: ABC News speaks to Karen Banton, the wife of late husband Bernie Banton, after news of the New South Wales Court of Appeal’s decision in the James Hardie case.
26 February 2013: Sixty-eight year old New South Wales man awarded $1.3 million in damages by Dust Diseases Tribunal after contracting mesothelioma while working as a bus depot labourer from the 1970s to 1990s.
2 November 2011: A Hobart infant school has been temporarily closed because of asbestos concerns.
12 November 2011: The Queensland Opposition says it wants clear warning labels put on asbestos products found in schools to improve safety.
15 November 2010: Queensland Premier Anna Bligh says it’s regrettable a school community wasn’t told about an asbestos find but denies there’s been a cover-up.
15 November 2011: Teachers at Atherton State High School, south-west of Cairns, in far north Queensland have given the Education Department one week to respond to their concerns about asbestos removal.
17 November 2011: Asbestos was used in a range of building materials for decades and is still found in many homes, schools and hospitals.
22 November 2010: The President of the P and C at Pleasant Heights Public School in Wollongong has expressed concerns he wasn’t made aware of a WorkCover document detailing asbestos contamination.
23 November 2010: The Queensland Council of Unions (QCU) says the Brisbane City Council’s (BCC) regulations on the disposal of asbestos are causing a health risk.
24 November 2010: Angry teachers potentially exposed to asbestos have voted to strike for 24 hours if the Bligh Government does not commit to protect them from future exposure.