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23 February 2011: Property owners on Queensland’s Cassowary Coast, which took the full brunt of Cyclone Yasi, have been told they are responsible for asbestos removal.
9 March 2011: Pieces of asbestos sheeting, a building material now banned, has been found on the streets of Brisbane during the flood clean-up effort. (video)
10 March 2011: Authorities say they are continuing efforts to remove asbestos debris in flood-affected suburbs at Brisbane and nearby Ipswich.
19 April 2011: A Darwin City Council report says rubbish buried in foreshore land at Nightcliff that was exposed during Cyclone Carlos might have had asbestos in it.
5 May 2011: Victims of the January floods and volunteers could have been exposed to asbestos after it was discovered in debris from Brisbane and Ipswich.
25 February 2013: More than 70 residents are affected by evacuations in Kiama on the New South Wales South Coast after suspected tornado damage causes concern over asbestos debris.
26 February 2013: Kiama Council holds meeting regarding asbestos contamination and New South Wales Premier Barry O’Farrell says cabinet is working on declaring Kiama a disaster zone after more than 170 homes suffer storm damage.